Invite a friend and get a reward!

As a registered usaautolicit.com member, INVITE YOUR FRIEND and get a $ 50 bonus for every invitation1. The bonus will only be paid out after a friend buys a vehicle from us and pays it in full. The offer is subject to change at any time2.


INVITE YOUR FRIEND to usaautolicit.com, and if your friend buys a vehicle from us, you will immediately receive $ 50 via bank transfer!

Please note that in order to register a friend, you must be a registered member at usaautolicit.com (this registration can be FREE) and the status of your account must be ready to buy (at least the minimum deposit must be placed).

If you choose to refer a friend to us, please log in to usaautolicit.com, navigate to My Auction Center -> Personal Information in the menu bar, and click on the “INVITE A FRIEND” tab.

The personal INVITATION link is available on your profile. You can send it to your friends via SMS, share it on the social network, and even publish it on your website. If you refer a new user to us using a unique invitation link, your membership number will be automatically entered in the referral member code field during registration.

Alternatively, you can also send your invitation by e-mail on the page mentioned above. Simply enter the name and email address of the person you want to invite and click the “Send” button. After that, your friend will automatically receive an email with a registration link. When the invited person follows the link and registers with us, they are automatically under your referrals. Once your friend buys the vehicle and pays it in full, we’ll send you a $ 50 bonus. It's really that simple!

DO NOT FORGET! You can refer as many customers to us as you want; their successful purchase will result in a $ 50 bonus for every customer!

Please note that the $ 50 bonus is limited to a one-off payment per account, which means that if you have already received the $ 50 bonus per person, you will not receive additional bonuses for this customer if they purchase additional cars.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our marketing department at marketing@usaautolicit.com today!

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