Buy a salvage car from America

Salvage car auctions can mean great savings for the buyer. In many cases, after a few repairs, a salvage car can reliably serve as a car for daily use. However, at Usaautolicit.com, we strive to ensure that our customers make informed purchases, so you will find most of the information available on the data sheets of each vehicle. However, we cannot stress the importance enough to thoroughly find out about a salvage car before purchasing. For starters, here are some questions to ask before buying a salvage car.

Questions you need to ask before buying a salvage car

How damaged is the vehicle?
If you are looking for a car for everyday use, pay attention to the type and extent of damage that happened to the car. While many salvage cars can be driven reliably after some repairs, there are vehicles that will never be as safe to operate as before. A vehicle that has chassis damage or extensive corrosion due to salt water soaking is not necessarily a good decision if you are looking for a car for regular use.

How do I assess the damage to a salvage car for sale??
We at USAautolicit.com, in partnership with ClearVin and EpicVin, offer instant vehicle history reports on our website for all damaged cars, pick-ups, motorbikes and boats. Vehicle history reports are accessed with a single click from the detailed data sheets of each vehicle. In addition to obtaining a vehicle history report, we strongly recommend that the vehicle be inspected by a third party at the auction site before purchasing.

Has the vehicle been inspected?
When eyeing a salvage car for sale, we strongly recommend that you have the car inspected before placing your order. If you don’t have the vehicle inspected, you can easily find yourself in costly complications later on. Do yourself a big favor and have that salvage car inspected! Visit our "Pre-Purchase Inspection" page where you can easily order an inspection of your selected vehicle.

How do I find the salvage car I'm looking for?
You can search a huge selection of salvage cars for sale at USAautolicit.com. What’s more, you can sign up to buy a salvage car directly from America’s largest auctions. Traditionally, you would need a dealer license to obtain a salvage vehicle that way, but USAautolicit is a registered Broker. We have created an opportunity for everyone to get a salvage car, pick-up, motorbike, SUV and more. We also offer a FREE membership so you can buy your salvage or used car from America today.