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About USAautolicit.com

What is USAautolicit.com?

Whether you’re looking for a dream car of a lifetime or you’re looking for a damaged car, with our help, you can get auctioned vehicles from America as an individual or as an owner of an automotive business. With us you will find what you are looking for. More than 125,000 cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, motorcycles, industrial vehicles and more are available daily at our online auctions. The registration of cars purchased from us in Europe is carried out, if required, by our German company, which has a great routine, where the official procedure is predictable and fast in all cases.

Who can buy on USAautolicit.com?

Anyone can buy. USAautolicit.com does not require a merchant license. Our site provides access for individuals, dealers, and dismantlers. These vehicles are sold online through online auction technology Monday through Friday (and a few times on Saturdays).

Where does USAautolicit.com get its vehicles from?

Our company is registered on the major US and Canadian auction sites, and is also affiliated with banks, insurance companies, finance companies, fleet operators, car dealers and individuals selling vehicles.

Want to sell your car on USAautolicit.com? Tell us if you are a business or an individual and we will inform you about the opportunities and then we will start the process.

How do I start bidding and buying vehicles online?

You must be a registered member to start bidding on vehicles at USAautolicit online auctions. It only takes a few minutes to register, so register today! We currently offer three membership options, which you can review on our membership options page.

Once registered, start browsing over 125,000 cars, trucks, SUVs, boats and jet skis to find the vehicles you need.

What are the benefits of buying from USAautolicit?

On our site we offer a daily changing stock, you can buy from more than 125,000 vehicles at wholesale prices. You can also access vehicles that have so far only been accessible with a car dealer license. USAautolicit provides you with auction purchasing, consulting, documentation management, shipping and, if required, registration.

What are USAautolicit's business hours?

Our U.S. customer service center is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (US Eastern Time), closed on weekends and public holidays. Our international customer service center is open Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. local time, and is closed on weekends and local holidays.

General Questions

How do I search for a vehicle?

n the menu, select Vehicle Search or select from the categories.  Our car search tools make it easy to find the right vehicle for you. If you know the VIN number or ID, simply enter it in the search box at the top of the page.

In what time zone are the auctions held?

As a registered member of USAautolicit, you have the option to set the time zone so that you can see the auction time in the time zone of your choice on the ad pages.

How many auction venues are there? Where are these locations?

Through our site, you can reach hundreds of auction sites in America and Canada. You can find the location, city, state, and zip code of each vehicle on the vehicle's datasheet.

What is the total selling price?

The total selling price depends on the amount of the bid. Please use the fee calculator in the bid information to calculate the total payment for a purchase, including all fees.

Do I need to register to bid or purchase a vehicle?

Yes, registration and the payment of a security deposit are required to start the purchase. Registration is quick. If you need any help, please feel free to contact us at our contact details.

What happens to a vehicle if it is not sold at auction?

If a vehicle is not sold at auction, it will either be auctioned again next week or it will be completely removed.

Can I search for a vehicle by VIN?

Yes. Use the search bar at the top of the page to quickly find your vehicle. In case you do not find the lot, please contact our Customer Service and we will find it for you or add it to our site.

Does USAautolicit buy or trade in a vehicle?

No. We do not trade in or purchase a vehicle. If you want to sell your vehicle, feel free to contact us and we will display your vehicle on our site.

Are there any purchase quantity restrictions?

We have no restrictions. You buy as many vehicles as you want. Please check with the competent authorities in your area to see how many vehicles you can register per month or per year without having to become a dealer.

Are these public auctions?

Most of our auctions are for dealers only. This is where we come in and act as your dealer to buy the vehicles at a dealer price.

Do you have a colleague who will help me with the purchase, shipping and registration in Germany?

Of course. Please contact our customer service on +1 561 559 4221 or send an e-mail to help@usaautolicit.com and our staff will assist you in bidding, selecting the right vehicle and registration. Feel free to contact us with your shipping request too at shipping@usaautolicit.com.

Do you offer pre-purchase inspection service?

Yes. Third-party inspection programs do not provide bias in determining condition units or inspecting the vehicle and can be fully customized to suit your needs.

I’m not a car dealer, I just want to buy a vehicle for myself at the auction. Is this possible on USAautolicit.com?

You don't have to be a dealer to buy from us. All you need is a valid ID or passport to make a purchase.

Please register first. Registration is quick and easy. You can then start browsing the thousands of lists that update daily.

Do you hold auctions in person too?

No, we don't have in-person auctions. All our auctions are 100% online.

I bought a vehicle at USAautolicit, but I changed my mind. Can I sell through USAautolicit?

If you have changed your mind about a vehicle purchased through us, you can offer it for sale through our website. To do so, please contact us by email.

Do you offer financing?

Please contact us for information on financing.

If the car doesn't have an "Buy It Now Price", how do I know how much to bid?

In this case, we recommend that you check the current value field on the ad page for the vehicle and deduct the costs of any fixes you may need. Typically, most cars are sold at 40% -70% of current value.

Registration and Membership

Why do I need to register on USAautolicit.com?

Registration is the first step so you can buy a car at a wholesale price. There are also a number of benefits to membership. Learn more about membership options here.

Do I need a dealer license to purchase?

You do not need any license to purchase vehicles. Our services are available to the general public. USAautolicit has all the necessary licenses and permissions that enables you to participate in the auctions through us.

How do I register on USAautolicit?

Follow the steps below to a full registration.

  1. Submit your details using our registration page.
  2. Upload a copy of your photo ID.
  3. Select the desired membership and pay the security deposit.


How soon can I start bidding after registration?

Approving a registration does not mean that you can already bid. Once you have completed the registration, uploaded your documents and set up your buyer power, we will check the uploaded documents and you can bid immediately. It can take up to two business days to process and verify documents.

What types of memberships does USAautolicit offer?

We currently offer three types of memberships so that each of our customers can choose the one that suits their needs.

No credit card required for Basic membership. After registration, you can bid on the vehicle of your choice or purchase it immediately for up to $ 6,000. Transaction fee 10%, minimum 499 USD.

Plus membership will have no bidding or purchase restrictions. It allows you to buy as many cars as you want during the year. Transaction fees will be reduced to 5% with a minimum of $ 399. You will also receive 5 free vehicle history reports and a 2% shipping discount.

Our Premium membership offers greater discounts on transaction fees, at just a fixed $ 299. The shipping discount in this case includes 5% plus 10 free vehicle history reports.

Your buyer power determines how much you can bid regardless of membership level. Your deposit is 20% of your Buyer Power. For example, $ 500 deposit = $ 2500 Buyer power.

What should I do if I can't upload my personal documents?

Please email us your documents and membership number to memberaccount@usaautolicit.com and we will complete your registration.

Why can't I register on the website?
  • Enter the information in English (Latin). Our system only recognizes English characters.
  • Check that you have entered the information correctly.
  • If, for any reason, you have exhausted all options and are still unsuccessful, please email memberaccount@usaautolicit.com.
How do I change my email address?

Please call our Membership System team at +1 561 220 4252 or email us at memberaccount@usaautolicit.com if you would like to change your email address.

I can't log in to my account because of an incorrect password, what should I do?

Please reset your password with your email address.

What happens if I don't renew my Plus or Premium membership?

If you do not renew your Plus or Premium membership when it expires, your membership will automatically revert to Basic membership. You can switch back to Plus or Premium membership at any time.

Is the membership fee refundable?

No, the membership fee is non-refundable.

Buying Power and Deposit

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

Each member must lodge a security deposit in order to bid on any vehicle. The deposit not only increases the buying power, but also helps us to make sure that you are really making a bid on our site with the intention of buying. It protects us if you fail to pay for the vehicle you have purchased, as we are responsible for paying the auction venues.

How much deposit is required?

The initial deposit is $ 500 or 20%, whichever is greater of the total amount you want to bid on. The $ 500 deposit allows you to bid up to a total of $ 2,500 per vehicle. Because the security deposit paid limits the amount of the bid, if you want to bid more than $ 2,500 or bid on two vehicles at once, you'll need to increase your deposit.

What is Buying Power?

Buying power determines how much members can bid and for how many vehicles. Buying power is determined by the deposit. The higher the deposit, the greater the Buying power.

What happens to my deposit if I do not win the vehicle I am bidding on?

If you do not win the vehicle, the deposit paid will remain in your account. You can use this deposit at any time to bid on another vehicle, to buy immediately, or request its refund at any time.

Can I use the paid deposit to make a purchase?

The deposit paid may not be used to settle the purchase price or to pay for shipping or other outstanding charges. This amount will be refunded once all open accounts have been settled in full.

Can my deposit be refunded?

The deposit paid is fully refundable. Members may request a refund at any time if there is no active bid, no account open or no vehicle in transit at the time of the refund request.

How do I request a refund of my deposit?

To request a refund, go to the "Finance - Payment History" section of the menu. Then click the "Request a refund" button.

Note: Before submitting a refund request, all transactions on your account must be settled (paid in full) and the vehicle (s) won must be taken over.

How long does it take to receive a refund of my deposit?

Please allow a maximum of 2 days for the refund to be processed and a maximum of 14 days for the refund to appear in your bank account. When we process your request, we will send a notification to your registered email address.

Vehicle Information

How often do new vehicles appear on the USAautolicit site?

3000+ vehicles are added to our site every day.

Can I buy or bid on a vehicle even if "Dealer Only" is checked?

Yes, you can also participate in the auction of vehicles marked "Dealer Only" because our registered members use the USAautolicit license as a Buyer.

Are undamaged vehicles or those with Clean Title documents available on USAautolicit?

Yes, you can find used vehicles with Clean Title documents on the USAautolicit page. You can filter on our vehicle search page according to such conditions.

Can I get more information about a vehicle?

The available information is displayed on the vehicle's ad pages. In addition, you can order a vehicle history report, view the vehicle in person, or request a vehicle inspection provided by a third party. Please use these services, do as much research as possible before bidding.

What does it mean if I find "Wait Certificate" on the vehicle's ad page?

This indicates that the vehicle is not yet ready for sale and is listed for future sale. For vehicles with such markings, more time is required to complete the associated paperwork.

Time frame:
The time frame depends on the seller and, depending on various factors, it may take a few weeks or months to prepare for the sale. We recommend that you add this vehicle to your watchlist so that you receive an email when the auction date is set.

What do the terms "Starts" and "Run & Drive" mean?

These designations refer to the condition of the vehicle when it arrived at the auction yard.

‘Starts’ indicates that the vehicle has started when it arrived at the auction site. Please note that a jump lead may have been used to start the vehicle.
‘Run and Drive’ indicates that the vehicle was able to travel on its own power when it arrived at the auction site.

Both are good signs that the vehicle is in working order, but they are not a guarantee.

All vehicles are sold according to a strict "AS IS – WHERE IS" policy and it is the member's responsibility to review the history and condition of the vehicle in question before bidding.

Checking the vehicle
All vehicles will be checked and inspected by third party personnel of the auction facility not employed by USAautolicit. We have no knowledge of or responsibility for the inspections carried out by the auction yard. USAautolicit only transmits information provided to us by the auction yard for the convenience of members.

What does the term "Not actual" in the mileage row mean?

"Not actual" simply means that the odometer reading is inaccurate or could not be determined. Many situations can cause a vehicle to be marked this way:
- The current owner is not sure about the actual mileage
- The odometer has been replaced or it’s broken
- Other situations may have arisen that prevented auction yard staff from determining the vehicle’s actual mileage

For all these reasons, the mileage is "not actual".

What do the odometer codes mean?

USAautolicit uses 8 mileage counter codes for the reliability of the reading. You can read more about these in the General Terms section.

How do I know if the vehicle will start?

You can find information about the vehicle's ability to start on the vehicle's advertising page. Please note that the information is provided by the seller and not by USAautolicit. We cannot guarantee that the vehicle will start or that the keys will come with the vehicle.

Responsibility of members
It is the member’s responsibility to thoroughly inspect the vehicle and determine if the keys belong to the vehicle and whether the vehicle will start. It is also the responsibility of the member to inspect the vehicle and determine its condition.

The vehicle I won was delivered with damages that are not visible on the ad page of the vehicle. Why?

The images on our advertising page are for information only. All information provided by USAautolicit was obtained from the seller of the vehicle.

Members are advised not to rely solely on images on the ad page of the vehicle. There may be hidden faults or chassis damage that are not visible.

Every vehicle on the USAautolicit website is "AS IS - WHERE IS". Everything we know will be posted on the vehicle’s ad page. It is strongly recommended that members personally inspect vehicles on which they may wish to bid or request a third party inspection at their own expense. Third-party inspection programs do not provide bias in determining condition units or inspecting the vehicle and can be fully customized to suit your needs.

Are the vehicle parts shown in the pictures part of the sale?

We cannot guarantee the availability of individual parts, even if they appear in the photos. Individual parts may get mixed up at auctions or on the go.
The photographs could have been taken several months before the vehicle is put up for live auction, so there is a possibility that parts will be lost on the go. Nevertheless, we will do our best to ensure that you receive the parts in the photo.

Bidding / Buying

What is pre-bidding?

Pre-bidding is the first part of the auction and sales process. Pre-bidding is done online only and takes about 5-7 days online before the live auction. Pre-bids can be made at any time of the day or night, up to one hour before the start of the auction. Please note that bids cannot be canceled or reduced once the bid has been fixed. The bid can be increased at any time.

The member with the highest pre-bid on our site will be placed on the live bid.
Members' bids are kept confidential by our automated system. If the bidding ends before the member's maximum bid is reached, the member wins the auction and only has to pay the final price and applicable fees.

Example: If a member makes a maximum bid of $9,000 as a pre-bid and the live auction ends at $5,000, the member pays $5,000 as the purchase price, plus all applicable fees.

How much time do I have to pre-bid?

Each ad has a "Online bidding ends" field. When it reaches zero, the pre-bid period ends and the live auction begins in an hour.

Can I cancel or reduce my bid?

Once you have made an offer, it cannot be canceled or reduced.

I have been overbid, did I lose the deposit?

The deposit is not tied to a specific vehicle, but usually to your account. If you have been overbid for one vehicle, you can safely bid for another vehicle of your choice. We do not charge any fees for bidding.

When will the vehicle be put up for live auction?

Each vehicle ad has a "sale date" when it is auctioned live. This date will be displayed on the ad page for each vehicle. If a vehicle is not yet ready for sale, the date of sale will be "Waiting for Documents" or "Upcoming Lot".

Here’s an example of where to find the scheduled live auction date.

Why isn't "Date of Sale" listed on the vehicle's ad page for some vehicles?

Vehicles not yet designated for a live auction do not have a "Date of Sale". Instead, these vehicles are marked "Waiting for Documents" or "Upcoming Lot".

What does it mean if "Sales Status" is No Minimum Price, Approval, Minimum Bid?

The Sales Status of the vehicle indicates the terms of sale specified by the seller. Here's what each condition means:

Pure Sale - There are no special conditions for the sale. The highest bidder wins the vehicle.
On Approval - The seller reserves the right to accept, reject the highest bid or make a counter-offer by 18:00 PST within two business days of the sale.
On Minimum Bid - The seller has set a minimum bid for the vehicle. If the minimum bid is not reached, the seller reserves the right to accept, reject the highest bid or make a counter-offer by 18:00 PST within two business days of the sale.


Can I find out how much "Minimum Bid" the seller has set?

The minimum bid price set by the seller is not known to any bidder either before or during the auction.

If I gave the highest bid in the pre-bid, have I already won the vehicle?

If you were the highest bidder in the pre-bid, USAautolicit will represent you in the live auction and our system will automatically bid up to your maximum bid. If your bid is the highest bid on a live sale and meets the seller’s reserve, then you are the winner.

How will I know if I won the vehicle?
p> If you have won the vehicle, you will see it in the "Bids Won" section of your account, and we will send you an email confirmation along with an invoice and payment instructions. If you do not receive the email immediately, please be patient as it will take some time to prepare your invoice.

If I win a vehicle in the pre-bid, do I always have to pay the maximum bid amount?

Members pay the completed auction price or their maximum bid, whichever is less.

Example: If a member made a maximum bid of $10,000 during the pre-bid and the live bid stopped at $6,500, the member only has to pay $6,500 and applicable fees.

Why didn't I get a notice that I was overbid?

USAautolicit always notifies members if they have been overbid. If the member does not receive the notification for any reason, we apologize for the inconvenience. If you experience this, please let us know and USAautolicit will then take steps to investigate the cause of the lack of communication and remedy the situation immediately so that no communication error occurs in the future.

Does my bid include applicable fees?

There are a number of additional fees that may or may not apply to the bid, including shipping, storage, customs, and so on. The bid fee includes only the final bid amount and nothing else.

Fee estimate
Members can get a fee estimate using the calculators on the ad page of the vehicles.

Can I find out at what price the car was sold?

After the sale, only the seller and the buyer know at what price the vehicle was sold. Sales prices are not disclosed.

Can I buy a vehicle without participating in the auction?

Yes, some vehicles are listed on our website with a "Buy Now" option. This allows our members to purchase the vehicle immediately at a set price instead of participating in the auction process.

What is "Buy Now"?

"Buy Now" is an alternative for members who want to buy a vehicle right away instead of waiting for the auction. All members have to do is accept the sale price and they receive an invoice via email with payment instructions. All applicable fees apply.

Do you want to review the vehicles on the "Buy Now" list? Click here!


How do I buy a "Buy Now" vehicle?

If you want to buy a vehicle with the "Buy Now" option, make sure you have enough buying power - at least 20% of the "Buy Now" price of the vehicle. Click the "Buy Now" button on the vehicle's ad page, then confirm your purchase.

Payment of vehicles, additional fees

What payment methods are available?

You can use a credit card, PayPal and ApplePay, perhaps a bank transfer, to pay the registration fee and the security deposit. You can find our bank transfer guide on the “Finance - Deposit” page, which you can also print out. The full amount of successful purchases must be paid by bank transfer.

How long does it take on average to receive a transfer?

Bank transfers may take hours or days, depending on location. Domestic (US) transfers usually arrive the same day, while international transfers can take more than three days.

Note: Always send a copy of your bank receipt to USAautolicit after payment so that we can verify your payment immediately.

Can a third party make my payment?

No. The payment must always be made by the registered member. USAautolicit is required by law to "know its customer," and if we accept money from someone other than the buyer of the vehicle, it's a risk both to you and our company. We value the business relationship with you, but we cannot compromise our integrity by making exceptions.

How do I know that my payment to USAautolicit arrived?

USAautolicit will always send you an email notification once your payment has been verified. Members can also check the USAautolicit website for real-time updates on the "Finance - Payment History" page.

Is sales tax added to the price of the vehicle?

Whether sales tax is added to the price depends on the location of the vehicle and that of the member.

Once I have won an auction, when is the payment due?

After receiving notification that your bid was the winning bid in the auction, members have two business days (including the date of sale) to pay for their vehicle. Payment must be received no later than 5pm EST on the second day.

Note: Late payment will result in a penalty, so USAautolicit expressly recommends that members pay the invoice amount as soon as possible.

How do I pay for a won vehicle?

When you win a vehicle, USAautolicit will automatically send you an invoice via email with transfer instructions. USAautolicit does not accept credit or debit cards, PayPal, personal payments or any other form of payment for vehicles won at auction.

Note: Bank transfer is the only payment method accepted by USAautolicit to pay for vehicles won at auction.

Can the amount of the security deposit be used to pay for a vehicle?

No, the security deposit paid can NOT be used to pay for vehicles (nor other outstanding charges). The purchase amount must be paid in full. Your deposit must remain in your account at all times until all payment obligations have been met. This amount will be refunded once all open accounts have been settled in full.

Can I pay for the vehicle after delivery?

The full purchase price of the vehicle must be paid before the start of the delivery.

Does USAautolicit accept credit card or PayPal to pay winning bids?

USAautolicit only accepts bank transfers for vehicle-related payments. However, our members also have the option to pay shipping and other fees by credit card or PayPal.

Can I pay in cryptocurrency?

No, we do not accept cryptocurrencies. USAautolicit only accepts payments in USD (US Dollars). Payment can be made by credit card, applePay and bank transfer.

If I don't win a vehicle, do I have to pay anything?

No, if you are not the highest bidder, you don’t have to pay anything. You are free to bid on other vehicles or request a refund of your deposit.

Note: The membership fee is non-refundable.

Will the security deposit be refunded if requested?

Yes, we will refund the deposit upon request if you have not made a purchase or have fulfilled your payment obligations in full. Refunds will be made within 14 business days as soon as you submit your request. You can request it on the “PERSONAL PROFILE” page. For payments made by bank transfer, we deduct $ 50 per refund, while for credit card and other payments, we deduct $0.95 (95 cents) +4.8% of the amount as a refund transaction fee. You will lose your security deposit if you win a vehicle and fail to meet your payment obligations.

What fees will be charged for a winning bid or "Buy Now"?

There are other fees associated with the purchase, such as an auction fee, gate fee, and paperwork fee. Auction house fees are varying and differ from lot to lot. Please use our Fee Calculator on the vehicle data sheet to find out the actual breakdown of the lot as well as the additional fee.

For example, if you submit a bid of $5,000 and you win the lot, the invoice amount is $5,000 purchase price + appropriate auction fees + USAautolicit fee.

How much is the USAautolicit service fee?

All lots on our site are subject to an USAautolicit fee, except for promotional lots that are labeled "Special Promotion - NO FEE". Our service fee is the only one that USAautolicit charges for mediation in the event of a successful purchase.
Fees will be lower depending on the type of membership. Please use the Fee Calculator on the ad page for each vehicle to review the maximum amount payable. Our service includes the purchase of the vehicle for you as well as assistance during the entire purchase process.

I transferred the full amount, but according to my account on the USAautolicit website, you received less than that. What happened?

A reduced amount transfer usually means that your bank, which manages the money, charged a transfer fee when you made the transfer. It is the responsibility of each member to find out the exact cost of the transfer at their bank branch before starting the transfer.

Note: Reduced transfers, late payment, or failure to pick up your vehicle on time can also result in accrued penalties.

What are the penalties if you do not receive the purchase price on time?

Payment for vehicles purchased through the USAautolicit site is due within 2 business days (including the date of sale). Failure to pay for the vehicle on time may result in a $300 penalty added to the purchase price and may result in account closure. In the event that payment for the vehicle is not received within five (5) calendar days from the date of sale, the offer will be canceled and a re-listing fee will be charged as a result. This is 20% of the sale price or 800USD whichever is greater.

If you do not pick up your vehicle within 3 business days (including the date of sale), a minimum storage fee of $50 per vehicle and per day may be added to the purchase price.

Why are penalties necessary for late or non-payment?

Auction companies also charge us for these fees in case of late payment.

Why am I being charged a storage fee?

The storage fee will be charged if the vehicle is not picked up on time. You have 2-3 days after the end of the auction to pick up the vehicle, depending on the type of sale.


What title documents do I get for the vehicle?

You will receive title deeds that correspond to those described under "Document Type" on the vehicle's ad page.

Do I have to go to one of your offices to sign the necessary documents?

You don't have to go anywhere. Nowadays, you can do all this through electronic communication, from home.

When will I receive the documents for the vehicle?

There are two options for sending documents.

Option 1: When you order the shipment from us, with a European destination
You will receive the documents with the vehicle. Once you have paid for the vehicle, the documents will be forwarded to the competent customs authority and then sent to us. We will forward it immediately to the host country where the customs clearance takes place. Upon completion of customs clearance, you will receive the documents together with the vehicle.

Option 2: If you arrange the delivery yourself
You are expected to receive the title deeds within 2-5 weeks of the end of the auction. Once you have paid for your vehicle, the auction yard will send the title deeds to our office. As soon as we receive them, we will mail them to you by FedEx. As soon as the documents leave our office, you will receive an email with your FedEx tracking number. Ownership documents will be sent to the mailing address provided in your account.

To avoid delays in the processing of title deeds, sign the "Purchase Agreement" for the vehicle for each auction you win as soon as possible.

For CA and FL, due to state regulations, this process can take up to 90 days.

What is e-Sign?

USAautolicit uses e-Signature technology for paperwork that requires the member to sign. As soon as the document is ready for digital signature, members will be notified by email. The notification will also appear in your account in the "My Auction Center - Documents" section.

Tracking number
Follow the easy-to-understand instructions to complete the paperwork, and once the documents have been successfully e-signed and approved, USAautolicit will send you another email with the document tracking number.

Is it possible to register a motorcycle imported from the USA with a "Certificate of Destruction" in Germany?

We recommend that you contact the customs authorities and the motor vehicle registration office to find out whether an item with a "Certificate of Destruction" is allowed to be registered. In the United States, this is a spare part only.

Can the vehicle be exported with MO Junking documents?

As long as the item has a document, it can be exported. However, we also recommend that you also check with the competent customs authority.

I’m not sure what type of (Title) documents I need for export. Can you help?

For each vehicle, you will receive a title paper as described on the vehicle’s ad page. We have no control over how papers are viewed and interpreted in your country. You can contact your country's customs office or the United States customs authorities for more information on which Title documents are not suitable for export.

Is it possible to export a car with a "Non-public Clean Title" document?

Yes. The car will receive a "Clean Title" and can be exported as long as you follow the export policy. "Non public" just means you have to be a dealer to make a purchase. We are the dealer who buys the vehicle on your behalf.

Can the vehicle be exported under the name "Certificate of Destruction For Export Only"?

Yes, if the title status is "Certificate of Destruction", you can export the item. However, we recommend that you consult the customs authorities and the vehicle register to find out what the law is in your country.

What does Salvage Branded IF Rebuilt mean, specifically does it mean it’s just a regular Salvage title?

A vehicle that had previously been marked as dismantled but was rebuilt / repaired and subsequently re-inspected. These vehicles can be driven, but the rebuilt brand will remain permanently on the vehicle title / registration documents. Instead of a Clean Title, a refurbished Title is issued to prevent you from paying more for the car than it is worth. Once a car has been issued a refurbished Title, they will never be issued a Clean Title again.

Can the vehicle be exported with a clean title from America to any other country, such as Italien?

Yes, the item can be exported. However, we recommend that you consult the customs authorities and the vehicle register to find out what the law is in your country.

What does it mean if the Title says Salvage Certificate?

Depending on the state, the car will be issued a "Salvage Title" or "Salvage Certificate," which lets every prospective buyer know that an insurance company has classified the car as a "salvage vehicle." The certificate is different from ownership.

What does Bill of Sale mean as a document type?

A Bill of Sale usually means that the vehicle does not have a Title and can only be used as a source of parts.

Note: For vehicles to be exported, check with the customs authorities to find out what the law is in your country, as certain items that contain only parts or have only a sales invoice must be disassembled before export.

Can I buy a car with a "Non Public Clean Title" document at auction?

Yes you can. We are the dealer who buys the vehicle and are considered "non-public". Once we have purchased the vehicle, we, as the dealer, may sell it to you for personal or business use.

What does "Certificate of Origin" mean? Some of the cars are located in Europe

The certificate of origin means that this car is brand new and has not been registered yet.

What is a Peddle Non Public Clean Title? Is this a legally clean Title that is recognized by other states?

A Peddle Non Public Clean Title means it cannot be sold to the public through an auction. In this case, it is a Clean Title for you because we are the dealer. This will be a Clean Title.

Note: Please note that due to the NMVTIS Act, all vehicles sold through auctions may become salvage during registration.

What does "WI CLEAR-IGNITE TBO" mean?

TBO stands for To Be Be Obtained, which means that the Title is not immediately available and there will be a waiting period to obtain the Title. Usually a delay of about 30 days.

What does Clear Non - Public mean?

This means that only dealers can bid on this item. Given that we are a dealer, for you this means Clear Title.

What does "CLEAR - DEALER ONLY $ 178 DMV FEES" mean?

For you as a Customer, it means you get a Clear Title. There may be DMV fees of $ 178 that you must pay before you will be able to register your vehicle.

What does it mean to become salvage when you transfer ownership?

Every Clean title vehicle that has been sold through salvage auctions has a chance that the title will become Salvage when it is processed by DMV. For details, please visit www.vehiclehistory.gov.

Order a Car

How does ordering a car work?

If you are looking for any car and know the make, model, year, color and options you want, you can fill out and submit a form called “CAR INQUIRY”. Shortly after you submit the “CAR INQUIRY” form, our sales team will begin searching for your car through a list and list of millions of U.S. and CANADA car dealers. Once we have found the car that meets your needs, you will receive an email with pictures, specifications, a history report and the price of the car (we will also inform you in our email about shipping charges upon request).

What should I do if I want to buy a vehicle that has been offered to me?

If you liked the car offered, simply contact us and confirm that you are interested in this vehicle. To reserve the vehicle we will need a deposit of USD 500 / minimum 20%. Please note that if you do not have the required amount in your account, you can add money on the deposit page at any time. We do not recommend using bank transfer for deposits because by the time the deposit arrives, there is a possibility that the car will be sold to someone else.

Are there any fees for “ORDER A CAR” vehicles?

Yes. Standard customer charges apply.

Is the price of the "CAR ORDER" negotiable?

Yes, it is. Our sales team will do their best to get the lowest possible price for you.

I can't find the data sheet. Can you tell me why?

The "Order a Car" option is only available to our registered members. If you are a registered member, navigate to "My Auction Center - Services – Order a Car" and then fill out the form.

I have filled out the ORDER A CAR form but I cannot send it. Why?

Our service is only available to our Customers with Premium membership. If you want to entrust us with the order of a vehicle, upgrade to a Premium membership.

An additional condition for using the service is that at least the minimum deposit has been paid.


Do auction fees include shipping fees?

No, shipping fees are not included in the auction fees. The shipping calculator is provided by a third party.

How do I find out the shipping fee of a vehicle?

On the USAautolicit website, a detailed data sheet for each vehicle includes a shipping calculator through which you can immediately see the cost of shipping and even order shipping. Alternatively, look for the shipping menu on our site, where you will also find our shipping calculator. With the help of our shipping calculator, in most cases you can find out how much it will cost to transport the vehicle. If you cannot find an offer for a vehicle, please contact our shipping department at shipping@usaautolicit.com.

Can I pay for the shipping by credit or debit card?

The cost of shipping can be paid by debit card, credit card and bank transfer.

Note: Preparations for shipping the vehicle can only begin after USAautolicit has received payment. It is advisable to arrange payment in time so that the three to five days free storage period does not expire, thus avoiding the payment of storage fees.

Who is responsible for arranging the transport?

Members are responsible for arranging the shipping, which can be done through USAautolicit.

As an expert in local and international vehicle transport, we strongly recommend that you entrust us with the transport. With our shipping calculator, you can get an instant quote for shipping to a port, or request an individual quote if your destination isn’t available. We will respond to individual requests for quotations within 24 hours.


How do I know if USAautolicit is shipping to my country?

You can check the shipping calculator on our website to see all available destinations and contact our shipping department at shipping@usaautolicit.com for more details.

How long does the shipping to Europe take?

Delivery times to European regions are estimated at three to eight weeks. This estimate depends to a large extent on the distance, the available transport routes and the specific region of delivery of the vehicle.

Note: Estimated delivery time is not a guarantee and may vary depending on various factors beyond our control.

I'm buying a motorhome or a boat. Can this also be shipped?

Yes, we are also able to ship an oversized vehicle, for a specific quote, please contact our shipping department for assistance at shipping@usaautolicit.com.

Is it safe to transport my vehicle?

Your vehicle is transported by carriers with cargo insurance between states as well as across Europe, so it is fully insured. However, if you want your car to be insured during ocean shipping, additional insurance is available. The cost of this is 3.5% of the total invoiced purchase price plus shipping fee. All damages are subject to a $500 deductible.

Is there a deadline for picking up the vehicle?

Yes. Once you have won or purchased a vehicle, we will send you a notice of exactly how much time you have to remove the vehicle from the auction site. Different auctions have different rules. Free storage days can usually vary from 2 to 5 days. Auction storage fees range from $30 to $70 per day, depending on the auction. 

If you are thinking of a specific item, please let us know the stock number and we will be happy to give you more details about it.

When will USAautolicit pick up my vehicle at the auction site?

Normal pickup time is between two and five business days from the date of payment received. Note that delays can always occur due to unforeseen circumstances.

Which US port do you ship from?

We are able to ship from any port in the United States, so we always ship from the port closest to where the vehicle is located.

How can I track shipping?

Members will be notified by emails sent by USAautolicit during the delivery process so they can keep track of the shipment.

Can you ship straight to my home?

Yes, shipping is possible to any unique address. If you want the vehicle to be shipped directly to your home, use our shipping request form where you can enter a unique address. We will then guide you through the ordering process.

Can I use my own shipping company?
We recommend that you first check our shipping rates in each case using our integrated shipping calculator.
If you then want to arrange the export of the vehicle yourself, of course you can, but in this case, you need to provide an address in the USA or Canada, as the vehicles will only be shipped from the auction venues by our own suppliers. In the case of self-shipment, you must send us a copy of the bill of lading after the vehicle has been shipped from the USA / Canada.
Please note: in order to receive an exact delivery quote, please inform your supplier that the vehicle to be delivered is NOT DRIVING (unless our site explicitly states that the vehicle is “run and drive”).
After ordering the shipping, I changed my mind and would like to request delivery to a different address. Can I do this?

Please contact our shipping department at shipping@usaautolicit.com.

What do I need to pick up the vehicle?

A photo ID will be required to pick up the vehicle. If the vehicle is not picked up by a registered user, we will also ask for a written authorization. If you have an unpaid invoice to our company, we will not hand over the vehicle to you.

When can I pick up the vehicle?

As soon as you receive a notification from us that the vehicle is ready to be picked up, you can arrange pickup / transport. Please do not attempt to pick up your vehicle without such notice. Please also note that the vehicle cannot be issued to you if its papers are missing / unapproved or if you have an unpaid bill to us. 

Does the shipping fee include the preparation of export documents?

The shipping fee only includes the cost of shipping, not the fee for preparing export documents. In the case of export shipping ordered from us, we of course undertake to prepare the documents, but this means a separate cost factor. 

When exporting a vehicle from the US, it is important to understand the commercial, shipping, and legal documentation and processes. For your convenience, we have provided a link to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website that you can use as a reference.

I was notified that my vehicle had already been brought from the auction site, but days had passed and loading into the container had not yet begun. Do I have to pay a storage fee in this case?

You do not have to pay a storage fee if the delay was not your fault.

General terms

Actual Cash Value (ACV) – is the estimated retail value of the vehicle in the U.S., if it were in an undamaged condition. This information is provided by the seller and is based on industry resources such as Kelley Blue Book, or other independent valuation service. The ACV is displayed for buyer information only. USAautolicit does not represent the accuracy or validity of this value.

Assigned Vehicles – Vehicles that have been assigned an auction date. “Unassigned” vehicles are vehicles that have not been assigned an auction date

Auction Rules – The Auction Rules and Buyer Agreement outlines the terms and conditions under which USAautolicit registered buyers can purchase vehicles from USAautolicit.

Body Style – Body Style is the manufacturer's designation of the vehicle's configuration.

Buy Now Price – The Buy Now price allows you to purchase the vehicle immediately at a set price before it goes to a live auction. Clicking the Buy Now button will take you to a confirmation page to confirm your intention to purchase.

Buyer – A buyer is a registered customer who purchases vehicles from USAautolicit through any auction method.

Buyer Fees – A Buyer Fee is charged for each vehicle sold. Other fees such as Internet and Service fees, etc. may also apply. USAautolicit has different fee schedules.

  • Standard Vehicle Buyer Fee
  • Heavy Vehicle Buyer Fee
  • Dream Cars Buyer Fee
  • Vehicle outside US territory Fee

The buyer fee schedule is only available to buyers who are logged-in to USAautolicit. It is the sole responsibility of each buyer to verify fees charged by USAautolicit prior to incurring such charges. All fees are subject to change and buyers shall confirm the applicable fee before incurring such charges.

Registered buyers who are logged in to USAautolicit.com can pre-calculate buyer fees for any vehicle directly from the Vehicle Information page. Look for the USAautolicit Cost Calculator tool in the Bid Information box.

Buyer Services – The USAautolicit Buyer Services department provides assistance to buyers in English, German, and Hungarian. They help with registration, bidding, payment (accept wire transfers and process payments), vehicle pick up, transportation, and all other things related to the buyer’s experience. They will answer your questions about buyer rules, auction policies and all web issues. Reach them by phone (for USA & Canada 561-559-4221 or for International +43-173-100-4222) or via email or Live Chat.

Color – Color listed on this site is the common color name that reasonably represents the exterior color of the vehicle. Color is not the manufacturer's designated color name, but rather simply a general descriptive name.

Cost Calculator – The Cost Calculator allows any buyer to enter a hypothetical bid amount and see the projected total vehicle cost, including fees and transportation, if desired. This feature is only available for logged-in bidders on the USAautolicit.com Vehicle Information page. The tool is in the Bid Information box.

Customs Duty Calculator – The Customs Duty Calculator allows any customer to enter an arbitrary amount, which includes the purchase price with the fees plus shipping costs and see the approximate duty and VAT costs according to the rules of the given country. This feature is available on the USAautolicit.com vehicle detail sheet. The tool is located under the Shipping Calculator.

Current Bid – The Current Bid is the highest price offered for this lot at this time, however, there may be a maximum bid higher than the amount shown on the page. The current bid is always listed in the currency of the country of the facility.

Cylinders – Cylinders represent the manufacturer's designation of the vehicle's power train.

Damage Codes – Damage codes are an indication of the primary impact area or damage to a vehicle.

All Over

Interior Burn

Right Rear

Biological/chemical hazard


Right Side

Cash for Clunkers

Left Front


Damage history

Left Rear



Left Side

Salt Water

Engine Burn

Left & Right

Small dents

Engine Damage

Left & Right Side

Storm Damage

Exterior Burn




Missing/Modified VIN


Frame damage



Fresh Water

Normal Wear 

Total Burn

Front End



Front & Rear

Replaced VIN





Incomplete repaired

Right Front


These codes indicate known or reported damage only and are limited by their nature. USAautolicit expressly disclaims the accuracy of damage codes, as information may not accurately reflect the type or extent of damage to any vehicle. Damage codes may not be used or relied upon for bidding purposes or for any other purpose or to justify a decision. USAautolicit strongly recommends that Members thoroughly inspect lots before purchase.

Drive – Drive is the manufacturer's designation of the vehicle's power train.

Engine – Engine is the motor specification denoted by the VIN of the vehicle. Members are encouraged to inspect vehicles thoroughly before bidding to verify whether original equipment is present at time of sale.

Estimated Repair Cost – The cost of repair in the local market. This is calculated and provided to the auction center by the vehicle seller. The cost listed here may differ greatly from the actual repair cost of this vehicle. Use and availability of aftermarket parts, varying labor rates, paint times and so forth greatly affect the cost to reapir any vehicle. USAautolicit recommends that each bidder evaluate the damage to determine the extent of repairs required. This amount is provided for informational purposes only. USAautolicit makes no representations as to the validity or accuracy of the estimated repair cost.

Fuel – Fuel indicates the fuel type used by the engine as designated by the VIN.

Image – USAautolicit provides High Definition (HD) images of every vehicle. To help improve loading time over the internet, standard quality images are initially displayed with search results and auction lists. On the Vehicle Information page small icons at the top of the main image provide options to view HD versions with a zoom feature, a 360 degree view video feature that can be stopped anywhere outside or inside the vehicle, as well as a download and print feature.

Inspection Services – When buying a car online, it is often difficult to assess the exact condition of a vehicle simply by viewing the photos. USAautolicit recommends buyers request a third-party inspection prior to bidding on a vehicle through USAautolicit.com. Representatives of our contracted partners assess the damage, take additional photos, and thoroughly inspect the vehicle inside and out to provide detailed information necessary for buyers to bid confidently. Learn how to request a vehicle inspection report. Please note that the inspection is performed by a partner of USAautolicit and as such USAautolicit does not endorse or warrant the work done.

Keys – The Keys designation indicates whether the auction location is in possession of the keys to the vehicle.

Lane – Some auctions sell more than one vehicle at a time. Larger auctions will have two, three or more “lanes” running at the same time at a live auction. When bidding at auctions with multiple lanes, be sure to confirm which lane will be selling the vehicles you are watching.

Location – Location designates the facility that is processing the sale of the item. View auction locations.

Loss Type  – This is an indication of the nature of an accident or event that caused physical damage to a vehicle. It is primarily used by insurance companies and applies to vehicles with physical damage.

  • Collision
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Water/Flood
  • Other

Make – Make is the manufacturer's brand name.

Model – Model is the manufacturer’s designation of the lot.

Odometer Status – USAautolicit uses eight odometer statuses to indicate the reliability of a given odometer reading:

  • ACTUAL – The odometer reading is believed to be the true and actual mileage of the vehicle.
  • EXEMPT – By Federal Law, no odometer code is required to be displayed for this vehicle.
  • NOT ACTUAL – The odometer reading does not correctly reflect the mileage of the vehicle, or the odometer has a condition matching one of the following:
  • EXCEEDS MECHANICAL LIMITS – The true mileage of the lot cannot be expressed because it has exceeded the capacity of the odometer used to measure it.
  • BROKEN – The odometer is physically damaged and is not functional.
  • BURNT - The odometer has fire damage and is not functional.
  • INOPERABLE DIGITAL DASH – The odometer is electrically displayed and is not functional.
  • MISSING – The odometer is not present in the vehicle.

PayPal – A global e-commerce company that processes digital payments between USAautolicit and our customers. The use of PayPal as a USAautolicit payment option requires a verified PayPal account. PayPal is one of the most secure platforms for online funds transfer. Learn more at PayPal.com.

Power of Attorney – POA is the authority to act for another person in specified or all legal or financial matters. USAautolicit offers forms so an owner can grant power of attorney to another person for title handling, vehicle pick-up, and/or full administration. All forms must be submitted and signed by the owner and are managed under the My Auction Center menu item.

Registration Fee - USAautolicit charges a one-time non-refundable registration fee for the activation of a Bidder Account. Registration fees may cover different time periods and provide different discounts when using other services.

Sales Status – We use 5 Sales Statuses on our site. Sales Status indicates the current status of the lot. Possible values and their meanings are the following:

  • READY FOR SALE - In the case of such vehicles, bidding or immediate purchase is possible.
  • NO MINIMUM PRICE - There is no minimum bid or reserve price. The lot will be awarded to the highest bidder at the close of bidding during the virtual auction.
  • MINIMUM BID - Seller has placed a reserve price on the lot. If the minimum bid is not surpassed during the virtual auction, Seller has until 6:00 p.m. PST one business day after the sale to accept the bid.
  • ON APPROVAL - Seller has reserved the right to approve the final high bid achieved during the virtual auction. Seller has until 6:00 p.m. PST one business day after the sale to approve the bid. The high bidder is obligated to purchase the vehicle if released by the Seller within the approval period.
  • WAITING FOR DOCUMENTS - Vehicles in inventory that have not yet been assigned an auction date. These vehicles are waiting for saleable title documents from the seller and/or the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Security Deposit – USAautolicit requires a security deposit which must be paid in full in order to bid on any vehicle. This security deposit protects USAautolicit if you fail to pay for a won vehicle or the associated costs. Failure to pay in full for any won vehicle will result in the loss of your security deposit and a revocation of your bidder account. According to the GTC, USAautolicit will refund your deposit if you do not purchase a vehicle.

Start Codes –USAautolicit uses 4 codes to describe a vehicle’s ability to start and for its engine to run:

  • Run & Drive – vehicle runs and drives
  • Starts – vehicle starts or starts with a jump
  • Stationary – vehicle won’t start, has engine damage or was not tested
  • Undetermined

Stock # – A unique number USAautolicit assigns to each vehicle. This 8-9 digit number can be used to identify a vehicle before, during and after the auction.
Tip: Enter the stock number in the site’s keyword search box to quickly find the status of a vehicle.

Shipping calculator – Our shipping calculator allows any customer to be aware of the approximate shipping cost of the vehicle to the selected destination. You will find this tool on the detailed data sheets of each vehicle.

Title/Sales Document – This is the term that refers to the type of ownership document that will be provided with the vehicle being sold. The ownership document is transferred to the buyer upon completion of the purchase. All sales documents are subject to the laws of the state in which they were issued. Any document relating to the sale of a vehicle is a document certifying the current ownership of the vehicle and does not show or attempt to present the ownership history of the vehicle.

  • Clear
  • Salvage
  • Bill of Sale
  • Junk
  • 907-A
  • Non-Repairable
  • Original
  • Parts Only

Title/Sales Document Type – The type of the title. It can e.g. be „Copy” or „Parts Only”. Qualifications and the conditions for awarding them can vary greatly from state to state.

Title/Sales Document Notes – Special comments added by the auction site that manages the title / sales document. This section may contain important information that may affect how the vehicle can be sold.

Unassigned Vehicles – Vehicles in inventory that have not yet been assigned an auction date. These vehicles are waiting for saleable title documents from the seller and/or the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). “Assigned” vehicles are vehicles that have been assigned an auction date.

Vehicle Identification Number – This is the vehicle identification number (chassis number) given by the manufacturer. The VIN is a unique code that includes the serial number used by the automotive industry to uniquely identify vehicles, towed vehicles, motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds.

Icons / Symbols

The following icons are used on the vehicle data sheet

When the vehicle arrived at the auction site, it was verified that the vehicle would start or could be jump started and the engine would run in neutral. There is no guarantee or warranty that the vehicle will be in running order.
Run & Drive
When the vehicle arrived at the auction site, it was verified that the vehicle started, could be put into gear, and was capable of moving forward under its own power.
Vehicle does not start, engine is defective.
Vehicle start cannot be tested or no information is available.
This symbol is used on the vehicle data sheet if at least one key for the vehicle is available.