Whether you’re a new member or an active customer, USAautolicit’s watchlist feature offers the easiest and most convenient way to keep track of items of interest.

What is the USAautolicit Watch List?

  • Watchlists keep track of the date of sale, lot number, vehicle description, and latest offer for each watched vehicle.
  • In the watch list control panel dashboard, you can review previously saved vehicles, making it easier to find and bid on previously found vehicles of interest.
  • You can filter the results of the watch list in the same way as on the vehicle search page.


How to use the USAautolicit Watch List feature?

  • Log in to your USAautolicit account first.
  • When doing a vehicle search, click the "Watchlist" button below the photos of the item.
  • You can watch up to 200 items at a time.
  • To view the watch list after logging in, select “Vehicles  - Watch List“ in the menu.
  • To make it easier to organize and view your watchlists, you can export your watchlist to an Excel worksheet.

By adding vehicles to your watch list, you agree to receive emails from your watch list notifying you one day before your watch list items are auctioned for live online sales. You can remove vehicles from the watch list at any time by selecting “Remove” from the watch list. You will no longer receive email notifications about those vehicles before the date of sale.