5 easy steps to

Purchase Your Car in the USA

1. Create an account
2. Purchasing Power
3. Buying a car
4. Payment
5. Shipping & Documents

1. Create an account

Registration is quick and easy - it only takes a few minutes!

Welcome to the USAautolicit website! Here you can find out everything you need to know to become a member and start shopping with us.
Once you become a member, you will have access to all vehicles with pictures and prices, and you can start shopping at America’s largest auctions. You can also save your searches and add vehicles to your watch list to be notified of newly arriving vehicles. All registrations start with a basic membership, after which you can choose one of the convenient subscription options at any time. For a basic membership (not all features are available), no credit card is required. For full functionality and additional discounts, you can switch to a Plus or Premium subscription.

You must follow two steps to register:

  • Fill in the registration form

  • Validate your account

Once you have created your account, you will receive a confirmation email with a validation link. Click on the link in the email to activate your account. An email verification process is required to improve the accuracy of membership information.

Upload your identification document

Complete your registration by uploading your ID

To complete the registration process, all USAautolicit members must upload a copy of their passport or ID and that of an additional photo ID. Be sure to register the name under which you want the paperwork to be completed. Please note that once you have uploaded your valid ID, any mismatched information will be updated to reflect the information on your ID.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our customer service at help@ussaautolicit.com.

Choose a membership type

Choose the type of membership that best suits your needs and get the most out of USAautolicit

We offer 3 membership types: Basic, Plus or Premium. When you create your account, the Basic membership type is set by default. You can upgrade to Plus or Premium at any time.

Basic membership (FREE) - Our basic membership is ideal for buyers who are just starting out and just want to buy a few vehicles. This membership allows members to bid on 1 vehicle at a time, up to a total of ,000*. The transaction fee is 10% of the purchase price or 9  per vehicle, whichever is higher. This membership does not include free vehicle history reports, a shipping discount and premium support.

Plus membership ($249 per year) - Our Plus membership is ideal for casual shoppers who plan to buy only a few vehicles a year. This package does not limit the maximum bid or the number of vehicles that can be bid at one time*. The transaction fee is 5% of the purchase price or 9  per vehicle. This package includes 5 free vehicle history reports and a 2% shipping discount.

Premium membership ($399 per year) - Our premium membership is ideal for buyers who want to buy more vehicles. This package does not limit the maximum bid or the number of vehicles that can be bid at one time*. The transaction fee is a flat rate of $299. This package includes 10 free vehicle history reports, a 5% shipping discount and premium support.


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*The maximum bid and the number of vehicles that can be bid simultaneously are determined by the security deposit you placed. The higher the deposit, the higher the maximum bid amount and the number of vehicles that can be bid simultaneously.


2. Purchasing Power

Set your purchasing power

Purchasing Power is determined by the deposit. To use "BUY IT NOW" and "BID", you must place a deposit in your account. The minimum deposit is 0 or 20% of the "BID / BUY IT NOW" amount.

We need a security deposit to ensure that you confirm the earnestness of “Bidding” or “Buy It Now”.

On the "PROFILE" page, in the "FINANCE" section, click the "Payment" button and select your payment method. You can use your credit card, ApplePay or GooglePay to pay the deposit amount. If you do not want to use them for any reason, you have the option of a bank transfer. Instructions for bank transfer can be found in your user profile or requested by email: memberaccount@usaautolicit.com

Please provide your name or membership number in the comment when making the transfer so that we can properly credit your payment.

All payments will be refunded immediately upon your request, provided there are no offers or receivables. The "Payment Refund" link will appear in the lower right corner of the "PROFILE" page. Please follow the link and instructions to enable us to process your refund. The transfer time for a bank transfer is 5-7 business days. Please note that a maximum of bank transfer fee will be deducted per refund. Please note that we deduct $ 0.95 (95 cents) + 4.8% of the amount for each credit card refund as a refund transaction fee. If the "BID" or "BUY IT NOW" was unsuccessful, the deposit can be used for the next " BID / BUY IT NOW" or refunded upon request.


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3. Buying a car


Vehicle search

Search thousands of vehicle types, brands and models on USAautolicit.
The auction vehicle database is updated daily with more than
3,000 vehicles. You can search by additional criteria, including but not limited to: based on document type, vehicle condition, mileage, or even color.



The BID option

Any Bid you see and submit through our website is a Pre-Bid.

Set your bid and leave the rest to our system!
For example, you can enter a maximum bid of $10,000 USD and if your bid was the highest bid in the PRELIMINARY bidding round, your bid will be submitted on the Live Auction by the system. If your bid is the highest bid on the live auction and it meets the seller’s reserve price, then you are the winner. If the seller's reserve price is lower than your maximum bid and no one has overbid you during the live auction, you can win the vehicle for less than your maximum bid. Remember, if your maximum bid is $10,000 USD, you could potentially win the vehicle for less than your maximum bid, provided it is higher than any other bid and the seller’s reserve price is met.

Please note that if you are the highest bidder during a live auction and the reserve price is not met, the vehicle can still be sold to you with the approval of the seller.

Pre-bidding closes one hour before the start of the live auction.

The BUY IT NOW option

Here at USAautolicit we offer plenty of vehicles with the "BUY IT NOW" option. This allows vehicles to be purchased at the touch of a button at a specified price. As soon as you receive an email confirming your purchase, the vehicle is yours. * Each auction vehicle has an auction fee. Please check the auction fee calculator before bidding.

Order according to your ideas

As a registered Premium user of USAautolicit, navigate to the Services - Vehicle Purchasing menu item in your personal profile and fill out the inquiry form. You must have at least a minimum deposit to complete the form. Otherwise, we cannot send an offer.


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4. Payment

Everything you need to know about paying for your won vehicle

If you win an auction, our system will notify you by email and phone. The email details all the steps required to complete your purchase, as well as your fee request and payment instructions.  All payments must be received no later than 2 bussines days from the date of sale to avoid additional charges.
The US dollar is the only acceptable means of payment.

The full amount of successful purchases must be paid by bank transfer.

In addition to the winning bid or the specified "Buy It Now" price, the following fees must be paid:

  • Auction Facility Fees
  • USAautolicit Fees
  • Sales tax (if applicable)

With the help of our fee calculator, members can check the breakdown of all fees so that they can make an informed purchase decision
before buying a vehicle. The fee calculator can also be found on the advertising pages of all vehicles.
We will notify you by email as soon as your payment has been settled. You can also check the status of your payment in the "Finance" section of your account.


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5. Shipping & Documents


Once you have purchased or won a vehicle from USAautolicit, you have 2-3 business days to pick it up, depending on the type of sale - three days if you won the vehicle by online bidding and two days in case of a "Buy It Now" purchase.
We make transportation easier! Have your car shipped from any auction location in the United States or Canada to your country or even the door of your home. USAautolicit offers its members a simple auction vehicle delivery solution. Our advanced, instant quote calculator (found on the data sheet of each vehicle) gives you the cost of shipping to your country and the estimated customs costs. From the inquiry on, you can manage the entire shipping process from your USAautolicit account. You will save time and money if you order the delivery from us!


After payment and placing the delivery order, the ownership documents will be taken over by the driver. USAautolicit handles customs clearance in the United States and sends all documents by express courier service (DHL, FEDEX, or TNT) to the receiving agency at the port of destination. You will receive the documents with the vehicle.


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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)